The 127th Canton Fair online
The online 127th Canton Fair from Jun.15th to 24th, has attracted many attention from Chinese exporters and overseas buyers. However, many of them are not satisfied and think it's far from their expectations. We have interviewed one of our customers during the Fair. He attended canton fair many times, from a buyer's view, he feels very satisfied to touch a product, to feel a product, to check the quality of products by his hand then make quick decision for purchase or not. However, online trade show does not satisfy him because he couldn't make decision by watching a screen. As his wife is selling beverages, was suffering more, the customers also couldn't make quick decision by on-line Canton Fair. So, he wishes the terrible epidemic situation will pass soon and back to normal soon.
Some other problems of online fair:
1 ) No beautiful camera ( facial up ) function, which is not friendly for ladies.tongue-out
2 ) Canton Fair didn't have enough promotion to customer sides.
3 ) Boardcast is not popular oversea.
4 ) For customer who wants to watch your shows need to spend 10-20 minutes to register and log in. Lots of customers do not have a patience to do it.
5 ) Complicated system and lots of hiding functions for apps or website that Canton Fair was not able to demonstrate well for attendance.
Celebrate the success of China - Latin America (Mexico) International Trade Digital Expo

Due to the COVID-19 virus situation, international trade fairs and expos are canceled or postponed in 2020. However, thanks to the effort of the trade fair organizers and governments, a new type of trade fair has come into being. During 2020/4/14-28, the company has attended the CHINA - LATIN AMERICA (MEXICO) INTERNATIONAL TRADE DIGITAL EXPO. We have shown our products to Mexican buyers, as well as buyers from some other Latin American countries. The Expo has offered a very good platform for exhibitors to show their products on live, talk to the buyers in details "face to face". The expo enabled us to develop our product export to Latin America under the bad situation of virus. It should has set up a very good example and offered great experiance for future fairs like the coming digital Canton Fair. We are full of expections for the future shows.